Friday, July 28

A Round of Snaps, Please

When we were younger, when my mom had prepared an especially delicious meal, my dad would call across the dinner table "how about a round of snaps for mom", and we Steagall kids would raise our knubby fingers into the air, and awkwardly snap our way toward something that resembled a compliment to my mother's skill in the kitchen. We snapped a lot in our youth. It's a wonder that one of us didn't end up on America's Got Talent, snapping our way to fame, like Bobby Badfingers.

I'd like to continue the Steagall Family snapping tradition by calling for a round of snaps for Molly, over at Orangette. Her blog has been one of my favorite since day one, and I have made more recipes that she's posted about than from any other blog. They've all been wonderful - and I made another one of her creations for my lunch today, and it solidified what many bloggers out there know - Molly rocks.

I was dying to take a picture of this salad, because it's totally gorgeous (I was literallly gushing as I was making it), but I want to leave the glory to Molly, since it is the product of her creativity in the kitchen. Please go check this salad out, and then make it - immediately. It is different and so delicious.


  1. Awww, I love this "round of snaps" stuff! I'm so touched, Jess - and so glad to hear that the salad has another fan. Three cheers for different and delicious!

    P.S. Your mention of snapping in relation to your mom reminds me of something about my mom: when she dances, she tends to snap and clap to the rhythm. It kills me. Her twin sister does it too. My cousins and I call it the "Snap 'n Clap" dance.

  2. Hey Jess,

    I couldn't agree with you more about Molly's blog!

    Snap snap!


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