Sunday, October 26

Back in the Kitchen!

Not that I ever really left... but somehow I got sidetracked with things like getting certified to teach pilates, going to a year-long school in New York for holistic health, and moving to Vermont. Are these good excuses for leaving my blogging days behind? I'm not sure, but I hope you'll forgive me (anyone who might be out there... hello?). But I'm settled in Vermont, working for a great company, enjoying my new life here, and feeling pretty great about it all! I'm need to relax a bit though, and take time to do some of the things I love to do... which mostly revolve around life in the kitchen.

This time around I plan on more of the same - sharing delicious recipes. I'll also be talking a lot about the local scene here in Vermont, which is years ahead of all but a few other progressive food cities in the country. I have entered into a near-food-heaven, with local cheese, meats, breads and a dedication to supporting small farms and business the likes of which I've never seen. With such passion all around, it's hard not to get the bug and I'm sure I'll be showing off some of our great Vermont products from time to time, since they are often the center of my inspiration.

I hope you'll check in occasionally and see what's hot! Oh yeah, and check out the view below, from the beach right down the road from us. We love it here!

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  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Yeah your back!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see what is to come!


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