Friday, June 9

Catching Up

The present is always a good time to start on a new project, (as opposed to, say, sometime in the future), but I can't help but feel like I'm already behind, and I've barely just begun! Think of all the good opportunities I had in the past year to post about our trips to Montreal, Mexico, Asheville, or Chicago, and all of the great restaurants where we've dined! Or, what about my record-setting cookie baking marathon that I executed with unprecedented success this past Christmas? Think of the excitement and progress that I failed to capture! Oh well. The future looks just as promising in the way of travel and adventure, and I will surely spend just as much time in the kitchen this year, working my way through the massive collection of cookbooks that looms over me with equal parts seduction and intimidation. Oh well...what's past is past, and I'm always ready for the next the kitchen, or otherwise.

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