Friday, June 9

Time on my Hands

Now that my wedding has come and gone, and my massive binder of wedding ideas and planning has been shelved, I'm left to ponder, "What next"? A girl needs a project to keep her on her toes, and while I'm determined to continue the relaxed lifestyle my hubby and I got used to on our month long Italian honeymoon, I still need a little something to keep the juices flowing. How about a blog? My favorite way to spend my time is in the kitchen, wine in hand, and while this usually comes to a very satisfactory ending (food on the table, happy bellies), it's time to up the ante. I am nothing if not insanely organized, and I love to document things, so we'll call this the documentation of my self-governed culinary education.

1 comment:

  1. You're pictures are so beautiful and so are you. What was your favorite meal in Italy? Did you bring home nay tips, secrets, or recipes?


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